Melody Walz

Melody has worked with municipal and federal governments, as well as private business, with an emphasis on employee insurances and pension.  Melody began delivering Pre-Retirement courses in 1989 and went on to develop and implement additional seminars designed to inform federal public servants about their various benefits.

In 2006, PSPC Pension Centre instituted a mandatory certification program for any presenters who wanted to deliver the Public Service Plan Member Education Session.  Melody jumped at the opportunity.  Early in 2007, she completed that certification process and has maintained it ever since.  This allows her to deliver the information, as set out by the Pension Centre, to federal public servants across Canada.  She has delivered in excess of 80 sessions regarding the Public Service Pension Plan.

Walz Robinson Group offers Retirement Education and Planning seminars, primarily across the Western and Northern Regions.  Melody’s understanding of pension, insurances, and counselling provide a knowledge and expertise that bring an added dimension to the course.

“When I was 27, I attended my first Pre-Retirement course.  The sole purpose was to see if I was interested in delivering segments of the content.  The majority of participants were 45+ and I took more notes than anyone!  It has served me well over the course of my varied career and really helped me to make informed decisions along the way.” – Melody Walz