The Team

Walz Robinson Group is a team of subject-matter experts, with over 56 years’ combined experience in retirement education. All trainers are certified to deliver the Public Service Pension Plan Information Sessions. The Group offers valuable training that can help ensure public servants gain insight that will enable them to develop a plan for a seamless transition to retirement.

Darryl Robinson has been providing financial and retirement education seminars since 1989 to private, municipal, provincial, and federal departments. For the past two years, Darryl held the contract for D001 – Planning for Retirement with the Canada School of Public Service for the Western Region and delivered 45 sessions over that time. …more about Darryl

Melody Walz has more than 27 years’ experience in pay and pension as a federal Compensation Advisor. During her career, she delivered more than 40 sessions related to the federal pension plan and counselled hundreds of employees in that regard. …more about Melody